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Step by step how to book an adventure tour via ADRENALINER.com

1. Find an offer you are interested according to different parameters:
- putting key word e.g: skiing, horse, lodge, Alpes
- using search engine (basic and advanced) 
- choosing activity in the boxes: summer & winter sports

2. The list of available offers will be displayed.

3. To watch the details of your offer enter with title or picture.  

4. The details will occur in different bookmarks:
- introduction bookmark - offer description such as: place, accommodation, conditions etc.
- gallery bookmark - pictures of place, accommodation 
- program bookmark - stay program day by day
- term and prices bookmark - available terms, accommodation possibilities, prices and icons (blue and orange) indicating which items are included in the price (blue ones) and optional items (orange ones).

5. If you don't find all information about chosen offer or you need more details, just enter via blue box "TRIP INQUIRY" to the contact form and ask a question.

6. If everything is clear and you want to make pre - booking: 
- choose the period you want to go in and accommodation option in this period (if there are more than one option)
and press "OK" button
- in the reservation box above you'll see: the chosen term, price and the place to put person number
- if you put more than 1 the price increases automatically
- press the "BOOK" button to finish pre - booking
- if you are log in the pre - booking process is finished and you will see the message "Pre-booking is finished. Wait for the contact from tour operator. In case of any problems, don't hesitate to contact us".
- if not, you have to log in or fill the registration form; then you can finish your pre - booking.

7. Pre - booking isn't a binding agreement neither for a client nor for tour operator. In fact it is a request if the offer is still available and if there are still vacancies. 

8. After pre - booking you'll received email from tour operator with confirmation or cancellation. This info will be also visible at your profile after logging in the bookmark "my booking". 
In a short time you'll receive the contract and terms & conditions of Activity Provider to check it out. Then you can make a final booking.
If you don't confirm your pre - booking it will be automatically cancelled.


Welcome to Adrenaliner.com
Welcome to our website ADRENALINER.com - adventure tours, trips, expeditions and sport vacations online directory. The website facilitates access to dozens of adventure offers and sport & travel packages provided by travel specialists for all travelers looking for an adrenaline and willing to stay active even during vacations.
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